This site is dedicated to Allan Goldblatt and the family he left behind.
We also thank all the caring members of his community who have generously donated already...

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The Allan Goldblatt
Children's Benefit Fund
2 Morningview Court
Huntington, NY 11743

The Autism world recently lost a good friend and medical professional, Allan Goldblatt. Allan died unexpectedly on December 30, 2009 leaving behind his three beloved children and his loving wife Joanne. The Allan Goldblatt Children’s Benefit Fund has been set up to help support his family, which was caught off guard by this tragedy. Allan did not have life insurance making their financial situation even more uncertain. While we cannot fix the pain the family is feeling, we can help ease the extreme financial burden they now face.

To the entire Hauppauge community,
and all the many caring others,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you & everyone else for last night. I know how much work & how many people are needed to undertake an event such as the Teacher Volleyball game last night.

Starting with the staff at the Pines (who either are all excellent volleyball players or practiced a lot) giving up time with their families to spend time with ours, & in addition, wrapping, organizing, cutting, etc .I'd also like to thank all the parents from the Pines who took so much of their time for my support. Whether it was running around town getting donations, collecting tickets, or anything else, so many people took time out of their lives for me & my family. Some of these people I know & some I didn't even know. Well, now I do & I will never forget them. Hopefully, I may even begin some new friendships.

Finally, I'd like to thank all the parents who attended last night and brought their children out on a school night: making sure homework was done, rushing dinner, & may be even skipping the nightly shower. Again, many of you I didn't even know. The support I've received since the tragedy of losing my husband, Allan, is overwhelming. Never feel afraid to approach me & offer your condolences, whether we know each other or not. Please don't be afraid of making me, or my children cry. Sometimes we will cry & sometimes we won't, but I'd rather have a person see my cry, than feel that people have forgotten about Allan or my family.

I've always been a big believer in "paying it forward". Well last night,
I was paid forward by the entire Hauppauge community.
Someone said to me last night,

"This makes me proud to live in Hauppauge".
That just sums it up!

Again, thanks to all, & please spread this email around
to everyone in the community.

The Allan Goldblatt family
Joanne, Andrew, Emma, & Jackie

About Allan

Allan M. Goldblatt, PA-C, DAN

On 12/30/09 our community
lost a great man...
~Allan M. Goldblatt, PA-C, DAN.~

Earlier this week was the memorial service for Allan Goldblatt. He was a father, a husband, a brother, a son, and a friend. He was a DAN practitioner and he treated my son Jackson for 6 years. Allan has worked with countless children and their families.

What was amazing and unique about Allan was that he really devoted his life to his patients and their families. He was not the parent of a child with autism, yet he was passionate like one. Allan literally took his work home with him- most of his patients had his cell phone number and many of us would not hesitate to call him at night or on the weekends. Sometimes for emergencies, (like when my son had a seizure), and sometimes for what would definitely not qualify for an emergency (like when I couldn't figure out what humidifier would be best for Jackson). Allan didn't mind- he answered every call and question with equal importance. He truly wanted to help and often went out of his way to do so. We lived in the same town, and on more than one occasion, when I was exceptionally worried, Allan passed by our house after work to check on Jackson. On his time. At work he never rushed patients out the door or off the phone. He truly cared about our children.

His service was proof of how many lives he touched. There were over 500 people in attendance, with even more people standing in the hallway. I was both honored and devastated to be one of the people who had a chance to speak about Allan and eulogize what he meant to me and to our community. Below is an excerpt of what I said:

"My son Jackson was a patient of Allan's for six years. There are many parents in this room whose children were Allan's patients. Allan was as passionate about recovering our kids as we are. He always made time for us- answering our questions, our calls, and our emails, no matter how silly or serious they might have been.

I cannot believe that I am standing here today. It just does not seem possible.

I can remember the day that Ralph and I met Allan for the first time. We were struggling to help our son, and someone recommended seeing him for help. After he spent two hours talking to us, we left his office thinking "He wants us to get rid of milk?? He's definitely crazy." Allan was full of information and it overwhelmed me. It took me two months to realize that he knew more about helping Jackson than anyone else I knew. Allan was the first person to give us hope in healing our son. He put his heart and soul in to everything he did- for my sons and countless others.

Allan walked us through so many challenging times, and he did it with no other motivation than helping my children. Allan pushed us when we needed to be pushed, and he patiently explained things when we were unsure, hesitant or afraid to move forward. He drew me a picture of the methylation pathways probably 100 times, because I never could quite get it. It was Allan and his endless drive that helped my son move forward, that helped my son stop being in pain. It was Allan who took his headaches away. One step at a time, one problem at a time, or sometimes 10 problems all at once. Allan's mind was always working, reaching, hoping to find a solution. Many, many times, for many years, it was Allan who gave me the answer, or helped me find it. I am just one parent, but I know I speak for countless parents and their children, when I say, Allan, it was you. You were a beacon of hope for us all.

I just can't believe it. I can't.

I wish I could have done more for you. I wish I could have said thank you one more time.

I wish it wasn't true.

Thank you Allan. Thank you, thank you, thank you. From my heart and soul, I am eternally grateful.

I am so, so sorry. You were a wonderful friend, and I can't imagine the journey without you.

It was mentioned many times tonight, that Allan wanted to make the world a better place. He did. He made it better for my son, for my family, and for so many children with autism. He made the world a better place."

Allan Goldblatt loved our children. I know that he will still be fighting for them on the other side.
He will be missed beyond measure.

If Allan worked with your child, or if you were a colleague of his, please share your thoughts or memories of Allan HERE, for his family, and for all who loved him.

A fund has been set up for Allan's three beautiful, young children.

any contributions can be mailed to:

The Allan Goldblatt Children's Benefit Fund
2 Morningview Court
Huntington, NY 11743


Events to benefit the family...

Benefit at

532 Smithtown Bypass
Smithtown, NY 11787
Tel: 631 724 3643

in the shopping center at the corner of
Route 111/Smithtown Bypass (Rt.347)
across from Hauppauge Palace Diner

Winners of the Chinese Auction

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Hair Salon Gifts (Gift Basket)
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2 Dinners at Outback
2 weeks Karate Lessons at
Tiger Schumann's
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Candle & Scents (Gift Basket)
Avon Bath Products (Gift Basket)


Generously Hosted by Friends and Family at Eagle's Pub.

$20 per pre-purchased ticket, $25 at the door

We will hand deliver all pre-purchased tickets.

or Checks should be made payable to, Joanne Goldblatt's sister, Andrea Steenstrup,
as she will manage the finances of the fundraising event and deposit the proceeds to
The Allan Goldblatt Children's Benefit Fund.

The Chinese Auction Included Items Like!

sorry this Auction is currently over ...Winners TBA

Jonas Bros. signed guitar
Reggie Bush signed jersey
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4 NY Knicks tickets
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10 filled baskets
Many restaurants
Nail Salon
2 parties at Karts Indoor
Teeth bleaching
2 Tiger Schulmann's certificates
Money donations from local and distant businesses
Numerous merchant gift cards
Soccer training lessons
Resort stay

and much much more...

Please send fundraiser event checks or donations to:
c/o Andrea Steenstrup
21 Kimball Terrace
Newton, MA 02460

The tickets can also be purchased from the following people:
Lori Adams
Kevin & Debbie Sutton
Paul Borowski
Wendy Blau
Lenny & Debbie Elkins
Joanne Goldblatt
Andrea Steenstrup

We will hand deliver all pre-purchased tickets.

Anyone who wants to donate gift baskets or
items to go into gifts basket (gift cards too) can drop them off at front door (anytime):

The Elkins                             The Blaus
77 McArthur Lane              361 Ridgefield Road
Smithtown                          Hauppauge

This is an open invitation to the ALL the friends and family to come out for some fun!



Events to benefit the family...

Teacher -vs- Teacher
Volleyball Game
At the Hauppauge Middle School

Thank You All For Coming!
Thursday Night, February 4, 2010 7pm

We raffled off


2 Tickets to the "Taylor Swift" Concert which will also be including a
Limousine ride to the show.

also raffled were...

10 business Donations from
The Uncle Giuseppe's Shopping Center
on Route 111 in Smithtown.

Video Equipment

10 gift certificates to Paces Steakhouse

Autographed Memorabilia

and much much more...

In addition to the game there will also be a 50/50,
Chinese Auction, Raffles for Reserved Field Day Parking,
Front Row Seating, Up Seating, more!

$2 Admission per Child
$5 Admission per Adult

*Please make checks payable to Forest Brook Care and Share

Please note that you will not receive tickets for the game.
There will be a check-in table when you arrive.

Please return to The Pines Main Office Attn: Volleyball Game

Pines Elementary School
Holly Drive
P.O. Box 6006, Hauppauge NY 11788
Attn: Pines Main Office; Volleyball Game

for any information contact us at:
Please forward this web address to the Hauppauge/Pines community, friends, family, neighbors,
Autism community, HYO organizations and other interested individuals/groups.

Thank you all for being there for us and your heartfelt support